Brand Highlight: NARDI

Discover why NARDI is an ambassador of Italian style across the globe

NARDI has been producing resin furniture for outdoor use for over 30 years. NARDI furniture enhances the desire to relax outdoors, adding style and personality to contemporary environments while meeting the need for modularity and versatility.


The Italian producer designs furniture collections that make life easier for people: therefore distinctive styling is teamed with outstanding resistance and durability. The brand has established itself as a market leader and manufactures furniture entirely in Italy using high quality materials suited to remaining outdoors. The furniture is recyclable and designed for intensive use and a long life cycle.  

Today NARDI:

  • Is present in 115 countries
  • Operates 15k sq mtr production plants in North Italy
  • Boasts 48 mln Eur annual turnover
  • Exports 80% of its production
  • Offers 180 product range

 ’’Design. Open-air relaxation. The desire to spend time together and enjoy your free time.’’


Why should you choose NARDI outdoor furniture?

  1. Industry acknowledged Italian design

NARDI products are designed by in-house designer Raffaello Galiotto. Combined with the expertise production gained over multiple decades, Nardi products have received international awards such as the Adi Design Index, the Red Dot Design Award, Good Design Award and the Green Good Design Award.

  1. Quality

Quality is present throughout the entire production chain, from the selection of raw materials, to the supply chain control, through to distribution and customer care.

  1. Raw materials

NARDI uses resin (also called polypropylene) as its main raw material: light-weight, durable, recyclable, non-toxic and anti-static, resistant to all weather and to saline environments. The versatility that this material provides is the key strength and the reason why so many customers choose NARDI as their garden furniture brand.

  1. Made in Italy

NARDI products are made entirely in Italy. With the headquarters in Chiampo, in the province of Vicenza the brand operates three production plants, two logistics platforms with sales departments and several storage warehouses.


‘’Made in Italy stands for more than a geographical location. It is also a guarantee that the ultimate focus of the company is on the pursuit of attractive, quality products, devised to improve people’s lives.’’


  1. Reliability & Versatility

NARDI products accommodate multiple requirements: they are modular, extending, and can also be used for furnishing indoor settings. The most popular collections include RIO dining, KOMODO lounge, NET seating and Alfa sunloungers.


  1. Sustainability

Polypropylene is pure and not contaminated by other materials. Because of this characteristic, it can be separated by colour and reprocessed during the recovery stage, making NARDI products 100% recyclable.

NARDI are committed to sustainable development and their entire production process is geared towards low environmental impact:

Energy - part of the electricity used to power NARDI factories is sourced from solar panels. NARDI latest production plant respects the highest environmental standards.

The Environment - the water used in furniture production is not contaminated by NARDI production process. No polluting gases or smoke is emitted into the atmosphere.

Waste - all plastic production waste is reintroduced into NARDI production cycle.

Packaging - the cardboard boxes used for packaging contain more than 75% recycled fibres.

In 2019 NARDI have launched their REGENERATION industrial programme which aims to produce outdoor furniture made of recycled plastic, which in turn can be recycled. The first collection to be released in this project was Sipario planters / separators in a unique Terra shade – a very textured and desaturated hue that is reminiscent of the natural colour of the earth.

NARDI Sipario

NARDI continues its sustainability journey with the introduction of the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) programme to identify the critical aspects of a product life cycle and to make improvements aimed at achieving a reduction in raw materials and waste while improving energy efficiency and the recyclability of materials.

Care and maintenance

NARDI furniture requires minimal maintenance and keeps its appearance perfectly throughout the years. Recently a new range of high quality breathable NARDI covers was introduced to help protect the products from dirt and dust during periods of non-use. They come if 4 sizes (Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large) and fit most furniture items, from chairs to tables and sun loungers. 

In addition, Nardi Magic Spray has been developed specifically to clean resin and aluminium furniture which also helps sanitise the surfaces. For more information download NARDI furniture care pack. 

NARDI at Time Out Space

NARDI is one the most popular brands here at Time Out Space and is receiving the highest customer reviews. We receive regular shipments directly from the factory and stock many lines at our Kent based warehouse for speedy delivery. 

We also post out resin and fabric colour samples out for customers willing to see the colours in flesh before making a purchase online. Simply email us at to request.






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