• Introducing KARTELL

    Introducing KARTELL

    We welcome KARTELL to Time Out Space   Celebrating 70 years of history, family, culture and design, industrial products, new materials and cutting edge technologies Kartell is known for its industrial production of the finest quality design objects, with remarkable technological content, Made in Italy. From the choice of innovative and certified materials, to the use of advanced technologies, Kartell is able to guarantee users...
  • Brand Highlight: HOUE

    Brand Highlight: HOUE

    Scandinavian Indoor - Outdoor Furniture with a Modern Twist  HOUE is a Danish design house founded in 2007. Combining great comfort and design in their work, HOUE always put a lot of effort into product development, striving to meet a high standard of craftsmanship. HOUE products are manufactured only in well-established factories where a very close cooperation is maintained. HOUE products are not an...
  • Brand Highlight: EMU

    Brand Highlight: EMU

    Discover how EMU brings Italian culture of open-air living to the world   EMU, an innovator in the technical know-how for working with and protecting metal, manufactures outdoor furniture and accessories for both private home and commercial projects, to suit different styles and create exceptional, authentic environments to enjoy an Italian inspired garden. The brand is proud of its over 70-year journey of Innovation, Quality,...
  • Brand Highlight: NARDI

    Brand Highlight: NARDI

    Discover why NARDI is an ambassador of Italian style across the globe NARDI has been producing resin furniture for outdoor use for over 30 years. NARDI furniture enhances the desire to relax outdoors, adding style and personality to contemporary environments while meeting the need for modularity and versatility. The Italian producer designs furniture collections that make life easier for people: therefore distinctive styling is...
  • How to look after HOUE Bamboo outdoor furniture?

    How to look after HOUE Bamboo outdoor furniture?

    Bamboo is the largest member of the grass family and grows more than a meter in 24 hours, therefore it is a particularly sustainable choice for outdoor furniture. It is a very strong and hard material that is stable and affected only little by humidity. However, bamboo needs to be taken care of in order to maintain a rich and beautiful surface for many years. 
  • Nardi introduces DOGA collection - launching September, 2021

    Nardi introduces DOGA collection - launching September, 2021

    Fresh, light and ergonomic, DOGA collection is for outdoor use and made of fiberglass resin. It is inspired by a slatted design given a contemporary twist. It is handy to move, stackable, easily sanitised and entirely recyclable.  
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