Time Out Space is a family-run outdoor living company set in Erith, Southeast London. Sharing a combined 18 years of online and retail management experience we aspire to create the ultimate online destination supplying furniture and accessories for outdoor and leisure spaces.

The business has stemmed from the desire to spread elegance and style into residential gardens and commercial outlets as much as it was to encourage wellbeing by helping our customers create beautiful ‘time out spaces’ outside. We encourage healthy and happy living in beautiful environments - taking time out to enjoy a quiet minute, immersing in the conversations, celebrating with friends and family. 


Our values

  • Wellbeing is at the heart of what we do! We aspire to enhance a balanced lifestyle and promote outdoor living
  • Beauty – we aim to live in an aesthetic and authentic way
  • Time – we appreciate and genuinely value every opportunity to celebrate quality time with family, friends and our beloved pets
  • Sustainability – we care about the planet and the impact our business and lives have on environment
  • Simplicity because we believe in straightforward business, speedy and hassle free solutions


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