Brand Highlight: EMU

Discover how EMU brings Italian culture of open-air living to the world


EMU, an innovator in the technical know-how for working with and protecting metal, manufactures outdoor furniture and accessories for both private home and commercial projects, to suit different styles and create exceptional, authentic environments to enjoy an Italian inspired garden.

The brand is proud of its over 70-year journey of Innovation, Quality, Sustainability, and an International Approach.  EMU’s revolutionary drive and intuition has made it one of the first companies to collaborate with the most recognised Italian and international designers and architects, aiming to introduce “design” into the outdoor settings. 

EMU aims to create unique outdoor living products that last in time, thanks to their balanced combination of aesthetic appeal and functionality, technological development, manufacturing quality and respect for the environment.

Today EMU:

  • Boasts 71 years of history
  • Is present in 85 countries
  • Operates 150.000 sqm factory in Umbria, Italy
  • Manufactures 450.000 furniture pieces each year

Why should you choose EMU outdoor furniture?

1. Exceptional design focus

If you are looking to create an outdoor space with a difference and iconic design, EMU is a brand that is hugely invested in exceeding those needs. The drive to create unique designs that are timeless, ooze luxury and style in an understated manner makes EMU unparalleled in the market. Strong collaborations with architects and designers from around the world empower EMU to produce not just individual garden furniture items but complete outdoor furnishing solutions.

Another important design element when considering EMU outdoor furniture is its offering of particularly tasteful range of colours. The choice of 23 metal finishes and other materials allows the user to select products in hues and textures that complement the exterior of the building or extends the home design to the outside.

2. Advanced technological expertise in making all-weather furniture

EMU’s mantra goes: expect the highest quality, seek detailed perfection, and keep an innovative mentality. The company primarily manufactures metal furniture for outdoor use but not as you know it. Powder coated steel and aluminium are key materials that are also artfully integrated with metal mesh in various patterns, teak, rope, an array of luxury outdoor fabrics, tempered glass and more. By innovatively mixing materials and constantly investing in advanced technology and automation, such as welding and finishing platforms, EMU blends heritage and innovation into a new way of living.

Furthermore, EMU is taking gigantic steps forward every day in its constant research in technology and style. This knowledge, together with company’s historic know-how of working with metal, guarantees a long product life cycle and maximum all-weather resistance. 

 EMU Shine  

3. 100% Made in Italy

EMU’s roots are deeply embedded in the production philosophy of 100% Made in Italy and always true to the culture of their surrounding area. The brand designs, implements and controls all the production phases in Marsciano plant in the heart of Umbria and closely monitors all the processing steps on its various suppliers’ premises.

EMU applies strict monitoring, from tests during the product design stages and work on cataphoresis and painting processes, to the approval of the final product. The unquestionable quality of EMU’s products is the result of a perfect blend between technology and people, a truly priceless heritage founded on the passion and knowledge of the team. 

“I believe that every man has two homelands; one is his personal one, closer, and the other: Italy” 

Henryk Sienkiewicz

4. Sustainability & Ethics

EMU began and has grown surrounded by nature in Umbria, Italy.  Therefore, the concern and love for environment has always been part of its DNA. Respecting the land and nurturing the company are values that have been handed down from generation to generation, from father to son from the very beginning enabling EMU to preserve and perfect their craft. 

EMU manufactures tough products in time-honoured styles, which are the essence to guarantee sustainability. EMU focuses on the entire product life cycle within the environment, ranging from using 100% recyclable and non-combustible materials, such as steel and aluminium, to recycling and minimising waste. Those collections containing wooden parts are made of 100% FSC teak, coming from responsibly managed forests, according to rigorous environmental, social, and economic standards.

EMU guarantees the environmental compatibility of the entire product range by implementing all processes in their own plants. The company is also committed to constantly reducing its use of plastics by using smaller, recyclable cardboard packaging. EMU is developing a 1 megawatt photovoltaic system, with the aim of powering the company with Green energy by 2023.

EMU Carousel

How to order EMU furniture?

To view and shop EMU range click here. If you are looking for an item that is not on our website just contact us and we will be happy to source it directly from EMU factory. 

Most of EMU products are made to order due to a large variety of colours and materials that are available. We stock a small selection of products at our warehouse in Kent, please visit Furniture IN STOCK section to see current availability. We are pleased to offer any advice and free colour sample postage to help our customers with their EMU purchase in the UK.

Please contact us to discuss your home/garden or a contract project by email , phone 0208 133 6614 or via our web-chat.


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