How to look after HOUE Bamboo outdoor furniture?

Looking after HOUE Bamboo Outdoor Furniture

Bamboo is a natural material that needs to be taken care of in order to maintain a rich and beautiful surface for many years. Even though bamboo has a very hard surface, it also becomes porous if left to dry out. Therefore, we recommend treating bamboo with oil suitable for outdoor furniture. Follow the instructions on the oil-product when applying. Use oil in moderation when applying - more does not always equal better.
Oil the product as soon as you start using it and then 3-4 times a year should be sufficient. Most bamboo products are treated with fungicide and oil from the factory, which helps prevent deterioration of the material. The bamboo will eventually fade with sunlight and the weather, but maintenance, oil and cleaning will help keep the bamboo lasting for many years. 
To prevent the bamboo from deterioration, please do not use a PVC cover for the table. It is important that the natural material can breathe. By using a cover, condensation will occur and eventually this will cause the bamboo to develop mould and fungi. As any natural material standing outside, there is a risk of infection from fungi and spores from the environment. It will occur on the bamboo as black or brown spots and should be removed as soon as possible.
Watch this video for instructions on how to treat a HOUE bamboo table: 
  • Make the bamboo surface wet, and scrub with a stiff brush. This cleans deep into the bamboo and removes grime and fungi. A small amount of soap can, if necessary, be used.
  • When the bamboo is dry, use a power sander to sand the bamboo, just like a solid wood treatment. Start with a medium-coarse sandpaper, and when the desired removal is achieved, step up to a fine sandpaper to finish the surface. Make sure to sand the bamboo evenly everywhere. Be sure to sand with the grain.
  • After cleaning and sanding, it is important that the surface of the bamboo is sealed immediately with oil again. Apply according to the instructions on the product label, making sure not to apply more than necessary.
  • Let the oil dry and enjoy your bamboo product.
Watch this video for instructions on how to treat Houe bamboo chair armrests:
We hope this guide helps you maintain the beautiful HOUE furniture for many years! 

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