Exploring Pointhouse’s Italian Design Excellence & Craftsmanship

Every piece in a home, from the family dining table to the kitchen island barstool, should offer a unique mix of beauty and functionality. For indoor furniture, this level of craftsmanship lies deep within Italian design. 

Italian furniture boasts a timeless look, following designs and practices that masters in their trade have perfected over the centuries. Whether you prefer the grandeur of traditional design or the minimalist appeal of modernism, Italian furniture offers a level of luxury you won’t find elsewhere. 

Pointhouse, an Italian furniture brand, upholds the longstanding tradition of meticulous craftsmanship we’ve come to expect from Italian designers. 

Pointhouse Furniture - The Italian Way

The right furniture can elevate a dull space into an inspirational environment everyone will enjoy for years to come. With Pointhouse’s refined Italian style, your home will become a hub for creative living - something this brand relentlessly pursues in every piece.

Pointhouse offers a stunning collection of dining furniture that undergoes a meticulous R&D, design, and production process. Quality is considered at every stage, from the superior material quality to the production technologies. 

Pointhouse Diamante table with TIPA chairs

Discover the Pointhouse Range 

Pointhouse furniture is meant for living - it offers the functionality, flexibility and stylish allure that every home needs. So what do you go for? Below, we pick out Pointhouse’s popular dining tables and chairs that’ll leave any guest green with envy. 

Dining Tables Fit for Every Space

Whether you have a generous dining room or are tight on space, Pointhouse offers a choice of tables to accommodate whatever room is available.

Extendable Combo table from Pointhouse with TATA chairs

Pointhouse’s DROP and COMBO extendable tables are designed with flexibility in mind. These high-quality dining tables can be kept compact when not in use or extended for when you’re hosting your next dinner party. Plus, several sizes are available. Functionality meets beauty! 

Pointhouse's Drop extendable table

Along with these must-have benefits, you can choose from various durable tabletop materials, including oak, ceramic and cleaf laminate with added marble or textured finish. 

Versatile Dining Chairs

Now that you have a dining table, what about the chairs? Pointhouse’s TIPA and TATA chairs are gorgeous additions for daily use, whether for mealtime or work-from-home days. 

Pointhouse's TIPA chairs stacked together

Add flare to your space with a combination of colours, from striking brick red and yellow to subtle taupe or light grey. The TIPA and TATA chairs arrive in sets of four, making it easier to create a bespoke dining set. 

Pointhouse's TATA chairs sat next to each other

Luxury Italian Furniture at Time Out Space

Time Out Space is a trusted supplier of Pointhouse furniture, offering an extensive range of tables, chairs and dining sets. If your home needs a touch of Italian craft, explore our Pointhouse range now. 

Until the end of July, you’ll receive two free TIPA chairs without armrests or two TATA YOUNG chairs when you purchase one COMBO or DROP extendable table*.

*(Conditions apply: You must also purchase four TIPA or TATA chairs, along with your selected table, to receive the free chair promotion.) 

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