RS BARCELONA Mou Outdoor Cue Rack
Designed by Yonoh, made in Spain  The Mou floor cue rack for outdoors is the perfect mate for our pool table. It keeps all your pool accessories safe in the same place. Each accessory has its own assigned space, and there’s even...
RS BARCELONA Mou Indoor Cue Rack
Designed by Yonoh, made in Spain  The Mou floor cue rack designed for indoor use pairs seamlessly with our pool table, offering a convenient storage solution for all your pool accessories. With designated slots for each accessory, it ensures their safekeeping....
RS BARCELONA CREW Stand [200 x 123 cm]
Designed by Rafael Rodríguez, made in Spain  If RS Barcelona’s game tables are mini sports stadiums where we challenge each other in healthy competition, Crew is the perfect seat from which to watch the match and cheer on the team. Designed...
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