TIME OUT SPACE Outdoor Barrel Sauna Lux - [235 x 250 cm]

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Manufactured in the Baltic States/Europe

A luxury outdoor barrel sauna that is compact yet large enough for 4 people. Featuring a small terrace at the front, this 250 cm long home sauna is a great choice for private gardens as well as rental properties or camping sites that demand a more modern design for a small space.

This barrel sauna is made of exceptional quality spruce thermo-wood (outside wall thickness 42 mm, inner wall thickness 28 mm), which has been treated to withstand changes in temperature and humidity. This ensures that sauna maintains its functional properties and aesthetic appearance for a long period of time. The ergonomic benches inside the sauna are made of birch wood, which is darker in colour, adds an elegant touch and is soft to the touch of the skin. There are ventilation holes for air circulation as well as a drain trap.

By default this sauna comes with black Katepal roof shingles, however other colours are available on request (green, red, grey, brown). The front of the sauna comes with a lockable central glass door (169×59 cm) for all design variants.

The front and rear wall design is customisable as follows:

1) Front wall: thermo-wood with glass door & 2 side windows; Rear Wall: thermo-wood
2) Front wall: full darkened tempered glass wall; Rear Wall: thermo-wood 
3)  Front wall: full darkened tempered glass wall; Rear Wall: half-moon darkened tempered glass wall (top part)
4)  Front wall: full darkened tempered glass wall; Rear Wall: full darkened tempered glass wall

There are 2 options for the sauna heating: an electric heater or a wood heater with inside stove. The heaters are surrounded with a curved wooden frame at the top of the heater for safety reasons.

1. Electric heater Harvia Cilindro PC 90:
- H115 x W36 x D34 cm
- 9 kW, steel mesh, contains large amount of stones
- each bather can adjust the nature of the steam: soft when throwing water onto the side of the heater and sharp when throwing water straight on top of the stone pillar
- integrated timer and thermostat
- controlled by manual switches 

2. Wood burning heater Harvia M3:
- H71 x W39 x D45 cm; stones of 10-15cm diameter
- power output: 16.5 kW
- great for small saunas (6-13 m2)
- glass door adds ambience as the burning wood is on display 
- elegant graphite steel with a stainless steel air-flow spoiler


Diameter Length Weight

235 cm 250 cm 780 kg


* Harvia Water Tank - this is s 22L stainless steel container that is suitable for wood burning heaters. It heats up the water which can be used for pouring onto the rocks or washing. It comes with a tap. 

* LED lights under the benches - a must for creating the ambient atmosphere inside the sauna room.


Barrel saunas are subject to 6-8 week production & delivery time.

They come flat-packed on pallets and we offer FREE kerbside delivery service. 

For your convenience we also provide assembly service in London & Home Counties for an additional charge.

Please contact us for more information on 0208 133 6614 or via email support@timeoutspace.com


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