Hofats GRAVITY Garden Lantern with Pole & Base

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candle holder
Base :

Hofats, a German house with over 50 awards from across Europe, brings fire into your life! 

This GRAVITY Garden lantern comes with a pole for use in a garden (can be pushed into soil, plant pots or attached to a fence bar). The base to make it a free standing lantern is optional. The candle holder is not attached to the pole and can also be used as a table candle holder.

GRAVITY CANDLE holder is a perfectly balanced lantern for both indoors and outdoors. This is a multifunctional lantern with pure elegance! 

The candle always stays upright. This is because the gimbal mount uses gravity to keep it perpendicular. This particular feature makes it super easy to operate from start to finish: tilt the lantern slightly to the side to make it quick and safe to light the upright candle with a match. To extinguish, just turn GRAVITY CANDLE upside down. The base passes over the flame, cuts off the supply of oxygen and extinguishes the flame quickly and without fuss.

This lantern is also super practical -  in the upside-down position, the inside of the lantern is protected from dirt, rain and dust. Moreover, it’s not just on a table that GRAVITY CANDLE provides a cosy atmosphere. Thanks to convenient accessories, GRAVITY candle holder can also sit on a pole and be pushed directly into garden soil or pots of plants or be used as a floor lamp.  

Tip: to ensure the longest possible burning time for GRAVITY CANDLE, we recommend using Gastro Tea Lights (not included). 


  • Dimensions: Ø 8 cm, 13 cm height
  • Weight: 0.6 kg
  • Material: bottom part: die-cast zinc, upper part: glass
GRAVITY CANDLE Pole (included)
Thanks to this pole, you can put GRAVITY CANDLE anywhere in the garden, including plant pots. Simply place GRAVITY CANDLE on the dish, it’s just as easy to turn around and extinguish the flame in this position, and is still protected from the elements.
  • stable stand
  • expandable with base for free-standing lantern
  • 6-part: 4x 30 cm pole + dish + tip
  • Dimensions: 120 cm, weight: 0.50 kg
  • Material: brushed solid stainless steel
For a free-standing GRAVITY CANDLE, mount on this solid base plate - no tools needed. Can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • base for GRAVITY CANDLE pole
  • secure stand
  • quick and easy to modify
  • Dimensions: Ø 16.5 cm, 8 mm thickness, weight: 1.40 kg
  • Material: brushed solid stainless steel
GRAVITY CANDLE products come in beautiful packaging and make a perfect gift!

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