Top Tips for Looking After Painted Metal Furniture

However high the quality and outdoor treatment of the metal furniture, follow these simple steps to keep your metal garden furniture in top shape for years


If you have purchased painted metal furniture for your garden, terrace, patio or indoor living spaces you might know that with time some marks, scratches, and areas of rust can develop and reduce the aesthetics and functionality of the furniture. The lifespan of your pieces will vary in relation to the conditions and the type of use. The good news is that there are a number of simple and effective ways to maintain the pristine appearance of steel and aluminium products and prolong their lifespan for even longer.

In this guide we share some tips and links to DIY videos that will help you maintain the coated metal furniture in its best condition from the day they are delivered till the time you decide to replace them.

  1. Unwrap carefully

If you are unpacking and assembling the furniture delivery yourself, take the greatest care when unwrapping the cardboard and inner wrapping so as not to damage it in any way. Clear the working space of any sharp objects and follow the instructions on the outer packaging as well as assembly manual.  Marks from knives and scissors, and scratches from staples are usually not covered under manufacturer’s guarantee.

  1. Follow good practice
  • Most metal products are delivered with protective feet or pads that safeguard the furniture as well as floor surfaces. These pads prevent any degradation or damage to the feet / base resulting from contact with the ground, which can sometimes be damp or uneven. We recommend replacing the protective feet as soon as it becomes necessary. Please contact us if you require a new set.
  • To keep steel and aluminium products in good condition, clean them regularly using soft cloth and water or mild soapy water, then wipe dry to remove any smears or traces of limescale. For heavily ingrained dirt marks use either a window-cleaning product that contains alcohol, or a specific product provided by the manufacturer such as Star brite® Multi-Purpose Cleaner by Fermob.
  • For furniture incorporating both metal and outdoor fabric, use soapy water and a soft brush. For ingrained dirt, spray a specific cleaning product such as Star brite® Multi-Purpose Cleaner and gently brush the dirt off.
  • Coasters and placemats help protect the surfaces from scratches, stains and marks as well as make your table look pretty. 
  1. Tackle wear and tear
  • Any scratches should be quickly treated using the correct after-sales tools (such as touch-up pens and sprays in the colour of your furniture).
  • If rust begins to appear as a result of a scratch or bump, you should not sand it, but instead, repaint as quickly as possible the area using the appropriate retouch pen or aerosol spray. If rust develops on stainless-steel parts, then a polish (liquid or paste only) should be applied as soon as first traces appear. The sooner action is taken, the less the rust will spread.
  • Any traces of bird droppings should be cleaned as quickly as possible, as these can be particularly damaging and may lead to the permanent corrosion or staining of your metal furniture.
  • Due to the nature of the material, iron furniture does not withstand saline environments particularly well. For coastal areas aluminium products might be better suited as it does not corrode.
  • Below are the short DYI guides and links to videos that can help you fix the most common wear and tear problems provided by our metal furniture specialist Fermob:

How to deal with minor corrosion - watch video

How to tackle scratches and stains on metal furniture - watch video 

How to deal with ‘rings’ or discolouration on metal furniture - watch video

How to deal with missing paint areas - watch video 

How to clean outdoor fabric on metal furniture - watch video 

Wear and tear - revive your furniture by spraying a fresh coat of colour-matching paint - video

  1. Prepare for winter season
  • Just like cars, metal furniture can stay outside all year round. However, to maximise the lifespan of your metal products, we recommend storing them in a dry, well-ventilated place during the winter, and protecting them from any knocks and bumps.
  • Do not cover your metal furniture with a tarpaulin or plastic tablecloth and avoid prolonged contact with any object that can hold water and humidity (such as flowerpots, plate stands, etc.): in combination with heat, moisture can cause discolouration or ‘rings’.
  • To prevent moisture retention, we recommend tilting the tables (using wedges) and chairs (resting against the table and not placing them on top) when not in use.
  • Protect painted metal with good quality car vax polish. 
  1. Recycle metal furniture at the end of product life 

Most steel and aluminium furniture is designed and manufactured using recycled and recyclable materials. Somewhat 98% of all iron and aluminium is now recycled worldwide, so purchasing metal furniture is a particularly environmentally friendly choice. To help us protect the environment, please remember to take your packaging and any old unwanted furniture to your local waste disposal centre for recycling.

If you need any further advice or help, please contact us on 0208 133 6614 or 


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