The Best Garden Furniture to Buy Now for Alfresco Dining

Until Restrictions lift on indoor entertaining and international travel, many of us will be hosting friends and families in our gardens instead of enjoying that yearly trip to the Med, making it all the more important that we have somewhere comfortable to sit and enjoy a summer meal. Finding the best garden furniture is essential for making the most of those sunny days.  

Choosing garden furniture for your space 

The furniture you choose will largely be dependent on the amount of space you have.  If you have a small garden, or even just a small rooftop or balcony garden, the most versatile thing to buy is metal garden furniture such as a smart little bistro set, when set against flowers and summer heat, it perfectly gives off that Parisian vibe. Smaller bistro sets are also a practical choice too as it is more weather resistant and can be cleaned with soapy water, making it a perfect solution to small space, city living.  

If, however, you have a bit more space to play with, why not bring the indoors outside and set up a dedicated garden dining space?  Whether that be a traditional dining set up or a more relaxed lounge area where you can put your feet up and enjoy a summer cocktail.

Beyond the essentials: garden furniture upgrades 

Having a table and chairs placed in your garden is only half the task if you want to have a fully immersive scene for you to relax in, especially one that is a reminder of those famous holiday destinations that we like to escape to. It’s the optional extras that make a seating area prettier and more practical; especially in the British summer where not accounting for all possibilities can come back to kick you. You may need shelter for that sun which feels way hotter than it should be for this time of year, or a firepit for those chilly evenings or days when the weather report just didn’t deliver what it promised. You can recreate different geographical styles when you incorporate a variety of colour, textures and foliage. We’ve selected three different stylistic approaches that are reminiscent of famous holiday destinations so you can have that summer get-away feeling available in your own back garden.


Who doesn’t love the vibe of eating and relaxing in a Riad in Marrakesh? Fortunately for us, we can recreate the scene at home with these fantastic furniture pieces. We recommend starting with the EMU Yard 2 Seater Sofa, it comes in various shades but for this we will stick with the black frame and black straps, as we’ll pair this sofa up with FERMOB Lorette Rectangular and Square cushions in Carrot. The combination of the monochromatic sofa and coloured cushions are striking, it really highlights the colours which are synonymous with the Moroccan style.  

 Unfortunately for us, the British weather is less reliable than Morocco so to keep everyone happy and warm we recommend doubling your food and heat source with the Hofats TRIPLE 90 Medium Fire Bowl and Barbecue. The fascinating hexagonal shape allows for a great view of the open fire. A pure campfire feeling from every angle. And when hunger strikes simply put the cooking grate, table/plate or both on top and start the BBQ, perfect for those Koftas! Use a HOUE Edge Tray Table for the rice and salad sides and your dining set up is immersive. Complete the look with the FERMOB Hoop Garden Garland Light, floor cushions for more seating, candle lanterns and don’t forget the greenery! Palms and ferns will transform your English Garden into a North African paradise.  

The Mediterranean  

If the Mediterranean is more your style, whether that’s the South of France or the Italian Riviera, we have the perfect combination of furniture that will have you transforming your English Garden into a sun-drenched joy that will put those travel restriction worries to the back of your mind. As the Med has a somewhat chilled back vibe, we’ve gone for a more relaxed lounge area with the NARDI Komodo Outdoor Sofa, Armchair and Coffee Table Set, alternatively, if you have a smaller space and prefer the more traditional seating, the NARDI Bistro Set would work perfectly. With this being Britain, we do need to prepare for all eventualities with the weather so to save you from cutting your garden enjoyment short, we suggest the EMU Shade Square Parasol for protection from the summer sun and the Hofats SPIN Table-top Fireplace that doubles up as atmospheric lighting as well as a heat source for those chilly evenings. For a taste of Naples, why not double up your cooking choices with the Verona Pizza & BBQ Oven, for both the enjoyment of the traditional BBQ and the opportunity to show off those new lockdown sourdough skills. Finish off the look with EMU Re-Trouve Tall Vase planted with overflowing Pelargoniums, place some Cypress trees and herbs such as Rosemary for that immersive scent.

Luxury Contemporary hotel 

If what you’re missing isn’t the country itself, but the luxury 5* contemporary hotel you’re used to staying in, and working from home has been tiresome leaving you desperately craving some of that deluxe rest and relaxation, then look no further. Start off your patio area with the FERMOB Bellevie 3-Seater Sofa, to replicate the contemporary feel of luxury resorts. It’s a good idea to keep the frame minimal with monochromatic colours such as the cotton white, liquorice or the steel grey which provides a very streamlined look when combined with the off-white cushions. Partner the sofa with an EMU Outdoor Carpet and the FERMOB Bellevie Low Table and for a full contemporary feel, finish off the dining and seating area with the Dragon Egg Charcoal Barbecue and the Plust Halful Planters with topiary for a complete flourish. If you are limited for space, we recommend the FERMOB Salsa Side Table and FERMOB Cadiz Low Armchair instead of the larger sofa, and the Hofats Cone Slim Barbecue with its sleek design would work perfectly for a luxurious, contemporary smaller space.


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