How to Make the Most of Your Balcony Space

High-density apartment living, cramped spaces, and urban living can make it feel like you don’t have much outdoor space. However, almost everyone still has access to a balcony.

 It may be a small area, but there’s a lot you can do with this little outdoor space. A well-designed balcony looks great, adds value to your home, and offers additional space for entertaining or relaxing on hot summer evenings.

 Your balcony can become an extension of your home that you enjoy spending time in all year round.

 Here, we reveal balcony ideas and how to make the best of your small balcony space; from planning your design to choosing plants and furniture - these top tips on How to make the most of your balcony space are sure to inspire you!

 Make it waterproof

Before you even start to design your balcony, make sure it is waterproof. A waterproof balcony will last longer and give you peace of mind. It’s a good idea to waterproof your balcony floor space before installing any decking or flooring, as this will be much easier.

 Add hanging décor

ConnectGo Festoon Garden Lights

Try hanging decorations from the balcony railings if you have a small balcony. Wall decorations are incredible, but they can make it feel even smaller on a small balcony.

 Have you ever seen a balcony full of plants? It’s undoubtedly the most stylish way to make the most of your balcony space. If you want a more decorative look, try hanging pots and baskets from the railings or ceiling.

 Install fold-away privacy screens

For smaller balcony ideas for a space that isn’t open plan, it can be advantageous to have a privacy screen or blind you can pull down when you want some extra privacy or to shield your home from the sun during the hot summer months.

 You can use a folding wooden or bamboo screen for a small balcony. There are lots of different designs and colours to choose from.

Add some greenery

As well as some decorative hanging pots, you also want to add some greenery to your balcony to make it look more stylish and help filter your air.

If you go for hanging plants, ensure they aren’t too large, so they don’t dip below the railings, blocking your view. Many plants do well on balconies, including ferns, geraniums, and creeping vines like grape or jasmine.

Keep design simple

When planning your balcony ideas, keep it simple. You don’t want your balcony to look too busy or cluttered. You also don’t want it to feel too small or uninviting.

 Your balcony should be an inviting outdoor living space where you want to spend time relaxing and entertaining, but you may have to make some compromises or alter your design slightly to make it work better on a smaller balcony.

Add some bold colours.

If your balcony is small, add a bold splash of colour. This will make the space feel bigger and help it look more stylish.

 Try painting your balcony floor or outdoor furniture in bright colours, such as red, blue, or yellow. To keep costs down, you can add a bold splash of colour by adding a piece of modern artwork to the wall.

 Add a compact dining area.

Consider adding a compact dining area if you have a small balcony. You can add a small table and chairs on your balcony or a fold-away table and chairs. A small table in your outdoor living space is a great place to eat al fresco in the summer.


A fold-away coffee table is a great way to add a dining area to your balcony, even if small. They are easy to store away when you don’t need them, taking up very little space when not in full use.

Extend the living room into it

You can easily transition from one room into the balcony area with similar furniture and add some similar decorative artwork to the walls of your balcony to help it blend in with the indoor floor space.

If you have a tiny balcony, you can still extend the living room into it. You can do this by adding a stylish coffee table you can move and some floor cushions.

Add a compact sitting area.

Consider adding a fold-away sitting area if you have a modest balcony. You can add a few comfy cube pouffes and an outdoor coffee table, creating a great space to relax after a taxing day at work.

If your balcony is sunny, you can add a parasol to provide shade for your outdoor furniture and guests. You can also add bistro sets, floor cushions, and some decorative items, like plants and candles, to your sitting area to make it feel more homely.

Add a multi-functional storage wall.

If your balcony is small, you can add a multi-functional storage wall to help make the most of your available space. This is great for storing items you might use on your balcony, such as gardening equipment and tableware.

You can also add shelving to this wall to store books and decorative items. For a small outdoor living space, you may want to design your storage wall to look like a piece of modern artwork.

You can do this by painting it in bold colours, like red, yellow, or blue, and adding a few decorative items, such as plants and colourful coasters, to the top.

Include a water feature.

You could include a water feature if you want to bring nature inside and make your balcony feel more welcoming. This will help to mask any noise from the street below and create a more relaxing space.

Many water features are available, from tabletop fountains to wall-mounted designs. If you have plants on your balcony, consider incorporating a self-watering system, such as a self-watering planter or vertical garden.

This will help to reduce the maintenance required for all your balcony plants, as you won’t have to water them as often.

Make your balcony inviting.

When asking How to make the most of your balcony space, you need to think about what kind of space you are hoping for.

Your balcony is a great place to relax, unwind and entertain. It’s essential to make it as inviting as possible, so it’s somewhere you actually want to spend time.

To make your balcony inviting, follow these tips:

  • Choose the right furniture
  • Go for neutral colours
  • Add some greenery
  • Add some lighting


Make it cozy for coffee.

You can transform your balcony into a cozy seating area perfect for a mid-morning coffee or evening chai latte.

One of the simplest ways to transform your balcony is by adding outdoor furniture, such as outdoor coffee tables and soft furnishings.

Make sure to choose fabrics that are easy to clean, as they will be exposed to the elements. Also, ensure that your furniture won’t be too bulky and block access to the balcony.

HOUE LEVEL Square Coffee Table


Use LED lights.

If you want to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere on your balcony, you can use LED lights to illuminate the space.

You can use these lights to highlight specific areas, such as your coffee table and plants, and create a feature wall. LED lights are perfect for balconies because they are energy efficient and available in various colours, styles, and shapes.

Create a floor focus.

If you don’t want to create an entire seating area or want to save space, you can use one piece of furniture to create a floor space focus. This could be a large coffee table, an ottoman, or even a tiny sofa.

A coffee table is an excellent option if you want to use your balcony as a dining area, as it can be used to store plates and glasses.

The Bottom Line

When looking at How to make the most of your balcony space, a well-designed balcony is an amazing way to bring nature inside and add extra style to your home.

Your balcony can also be a great space to relax, unwind and entertain. With a little planning and design, you can make your balcony the perfect space for your home.


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